Tackling illegal poker in the Netherlands


Like Roulette and Blackjack, poker in the Netherlands is a casino game. The Dutch Gambling Act stated, until October 1st of 2021, that there’s only one business provider of casino games in the Netherlands allowed. This has been Holland Casino since 1975.

Playing poker for a prize or reward – money or anything convertible into cash – is prohibited. However, the game of poker is allowed if you play it in a closed circle (an existing group of people who know each other such as among a group of friends, a family, relatives, colleagues) and not professionally.

The Dutch approach to illegal poker

The Dutch Gaming Authority “de Kansspelautoriteit”, advises the police when preparing an investigation, for example by giving instructions on how to secure evidence. Sometimes they even help with the investigation on a location, or by preparing a report based on the findings of the police or municipality, to substantiate their report or official report.

Online poker is allowed since October 21st of 2021

The market for legal online games of chance in the Netherlands has opened on October 1st of 2021. That week, the Dutch Gaming Authority announced the 10 companies that were granted a license to offer games of chance, including online poker, via the internet.

The legalization and regulation of online poker in the Netherlands is a result of the Remote Gambling Act. The objective of the act is to create a sufficiently attractive legal online gaming environment, so that Dutch consumers who want to play online poker, can go there and play at a legal site.

The Gaming Authority supervises that players play in a protected environment.

The Remote Gambling Act not only legalizes and regulates online gambling. Compared to existing legislation, additional requirements also apply in the field of gambling addiction prevention and advertising. The act (Kansspel op Afstand) is an important step in the modernization of the Dutch games of chance policy. This policy is aimed at protecting players, preventing gambling addiction and combating crime and illegality.

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