Titan Poker Offers Great Games – and They’re All for Real Money

Titan PokerWhen you play online poker, it’s easy to fall into the feeling that you’re playing the same old game all the time.  There are lots of different types of poker, and that means that there should be many different games that players can play, but at many sites this just isn’t the case.  When you choose to play online poker with Titan Poker, you can enjoy lots of different types of poker games – all for real money.  So, even if your favorite is Omaha Hi-Lo, you’ll still find that you can play for cash.

So, what games will you find on this great online poker room?  Aside from the most common Texas Hold ‘em, you can enjoy games that include:

  • Omaha Hi, and Omaha Hi – Lo.  Similar procedure to Hold ‘em, and same precise betting structure, so even if you’re not that familiar with this game, you’ll likely find that it’s an easy to understand switch from the usual Hold ‘em.   This is a great choice if you like to use different strategies for every game you play.
  • 5 or 7 card stud.  This is more of a game of chance and will require a strategy that is specific to the game.  The betting isn’t as structured, either – but it’s a great way to add some excitement to your daily poker routine and Titan Poker has the draw poker games that you really want to play.

Of course, you’re still going to find the favorites like Texas Hold ‘em and you’ll find plenty of worthy opponents with these games as well.

Before you check out the different games, you can even freshen your skills when you go to the rules of the game section of Titan Poker.  Here, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of the rules of each game that’s offered, as well as get some great tips on the strategies that might work well for you and your game.

No matter what games you want to play, you’re going to find that with Titan Poker, you can play any of them for real money, because there are so many tables and tournaments playing at any point in time.  This gives you flexibility to play the online poker that you feel like playing, and still have the chance to win big.

When you’re looking for a place that you can enjoy many different types of online poker games, you should know that Titan Poker has the variety that you’re looking for, so why not check them out?  The only thing you have to lose is boredom.

European Poker Tour – Great Game Play and So Much More

PokerStars European Poker TourDo you love to play online poker?  Does it feel to you as if you just cannot get enough of the European Poker Tour and all that goes with it?  Are you constantly looking for more and more information about the EPT?  You know, like who the big players are and how they play their games?  If you are, then you might be getting frustrated by a general lack of information.  After all, it is the EPT, so why can’t you learn more about it than you have been so far?

Maybe it’s because you’re not looking in the right place.  For instance, if you’re seeking information about the European Poker Tour, such as the history of the EPT, then you might have to go right to the source.  This is where you will find out everything, from how the game started, to who the big winners are.  You’ll find lots of information about the strategies of the top players and what the losers did that caused them to lose.  You can learn the way the pros do too, when you check out all the stats, strategies and odds of winning and losing.

You might also be looking for more information about the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure than what you’re currently getting and you can get all the facts, fun and info that you’ve been seeking when you visit European Poker Tour.  Not only can you enjoy more information than you can imagine when you visit this site, but unlike your other online poker rooms, you’re going to find that you get great game play, too.

Check out great tournaments and easy to wager online poker games that are great for everyone from brand new beginners to the seasoned professional players.  So, whether you want to bet a little for practice, or you’re looking to wind some big games, you’re going to find just what you want and need when you have the right online poker room on your side.  You’ll enjoy versatile opponents and when you’re not playing, you can enjoy upping your game by learning all you can about strategies, rules and situations that can tip the game in your favor – or against it.

Your game will also improve when you learn about what the big players have done to cause them to lose and this information can help you to avoid losing and start winning more than you could imagine.

When you’re looking for an online poker playing experience that is everything you hoped for and more, the first step to take is finding a great online poker room.  European Poker Tour not only keeps you in touch with the poker pros, but also gives you great educational tools to use.

Isn’t it time that you found a fun to use online poker room that gives you everything you want all in one place?  It’s time to start playing online poker the way you really want to, but first you have to find the right place to do it in and European Poker Tour might just be what you’re looking for.

Webcam Poker – See Your Opponent in Real Time

Webcam PokerSince the beginning of online poker, the way that people play the game has shifted somewhat. A great deal of poker strategy speaks of playing to your position, not to your cards (or your opponents). When you can’t see your opponents, you have to rely on your ability to judge their tactics by examining the way that they play the game. Truthfully, there’s some comfort in the distance of an online game, because you can rest assured that no one can see the mustard stain on your shirt, hear the dog barking in the background, or see your partner staring over your shoulder while you play. Online games have privacy in no small amount, and you can focus on your actions and those of your opponents, and you don’t have to worry about your body language or any tells that you might have in person. One new online poker site is attempting to change all that– now you can play an online poker game and see everyone you’re playing with via Pokerview.

To be honest, this isn’t a new innovation. 888 Poker has tables that use webcams, mixed in among their other tables for those who want them. The initial response to Pokerview, however, was a resounding, “Why would I want to do that?” The short answer is that you probably wouldn’t, unless you have a group of friends on Pokerview and you want to play a game that way (and you can’t just get together at someone’s house and share snacks and drinks while you play). The general public seems to think that this idea is kind of creepy, and given the social isolationism that the internet encourages, it’s no wonder. The long answer, however, is that you might want to give it a try, because Pokerview is offering a lot of incentives to attract players.

First of all, if you join Pokerview and get someone else to join with you, you get $100. You get $100 for every person you get to join the site, which makes the idea of playing a game online with all your friends seem a little more feasible. The site also offers the standard matching bonus of 100% on the first $600 of your initial deposit, but with a Pokerview bonus code, you’re very likely to get a better deal. There is even a Pokerview bonus code that will get you a no-deposit sign-up bonus, which is an incredible offer that speaks to just how eager Pokerview is to have more players. If those incentives weren’t enough, Pokerview also offers a prize schedule for players as they reach varying amounts of practice chips and play a certain number of hands, and players can win an iPod or iPad this way.

Only time will tell if the Pokerview incentives will be enough to keep the site afloat (but the Pokerview bonus code for a no-deposit sign-up bonus is a pretty hefty incentive), but one thing is for certain– poker players have never been known to back away from a challenge.

Five Card Draw is a Great Way to Get Acquainted with Poker

Five Card DrawAlthough there are many different types of poker games, every player has to start somewhere and one of the most common places to start is with five card draw. This is because it is a poker game that is very simple and allows players get up to speed with the game. It is far more prevalent in home play amongst friends than it is online in tournaments or casinos but that is not to say that the game cannot be found online. In fact, it holds a place in the majority of online casino and only variations like Texas Hold ‘Em say they are more popular than the five card draw game.

Easy to play, difficult to master

Like many poker games, although it is easy to learn the rules and nature of five card draw, it can be very difficult to wink, especially when you are up against experienced players. There are obviously tips and techniques a player can learn to develop their skills and give themselves an edge but the best way to get ahead at five card poker is to follow the rules and play regularly. Like most poker games, observing good players at work and then trying to develop your own style around their techniques is a great way to increase your playing skills and start to win some big money at the poker table.

The game of five card draw begins with every player placing their ante into the pot and then being dealt five cards. From here, the player on the left of the dealer will bet or pass, and if a pass is called, play defers to the player on the left once again and they too have the option to bet or pass. If every player passes, the cards should be gathered in, a new ante should take place and play begins with the player on the left hand side of the dealer being dealt a fresh hand.

Follow the rules and develop your skills

Each player can call, fold or raise after the hand is opened by a player who has placed a bet. Each player that survives is then provided the option to exchange a number of cards for the same number of cards from the top of the deck. Another round of betting takes place and should be started after each player involved in the hand has exchanged their cards or remained with what they hold.

After the betting round is complete, all players that have not folded should show their hands. The rules of five card draw may seem a little convoluted written down but once the game begins, they are very easy to follow and makes for a simple and engaging game of poker. The game also provides a great grounding for players to take on into using on different variations of poker games.

Multi-table Online Poker Tournaments

Multi-table Online Poker TournamentsPlaying poker tournaments requires a lot of patients, stamina, and a completely different strategic approach than play ring games. There are often hundreds, even thousands of players to contend with, all of whom are determined to knock you out of the tournament and make their way to the final table.

The payout for winning a tournament is usually tremendous. You can often win several thousand dollars in a poker tournament for which you only paid a $50 buy in.

The trick is getting to the money. Don’t expect to win every tournament you play. Even the best poker players are often knocked out before ever even reaching the bubble, let alone making the money. However, with the right attitude going in, and a level head, you can play several tournaments, and at the very least win back your buy in for most of them.

Be Patient

At the start of the tournament, you may see several players start throwing their stacks into the pot in an attempt to get a high chip count early on. This is a mistake. They are gambling with their chips and more often than not, they will be knocked out early.

Be patient, hold out for strong hands in good position, and don’t be tempted to get involved in large pots unless you are holding the nuts. Wait for the moment when you can catch one of these over-aggressive players with their pants down and take their chips from them. Remember, when playing at betting sites with online poker tournaments you have to make it through the bubble to win back you buy-in and at least break even for the tournament.

The Bubble

This is the point in a tournament when you have almost made it to the money. There are only a few players left to be knocked out before the remaining players are guaranteed to be paid. Poker play in the bubble is always intense, players are often very conservative with their chips at this point because they want to make it to the money. Don’t be too conservative though, there are opportunities to increase your stack size at this point. Don’t be afraid to make a few calculated risks.

The Final Table

If you’ve made it this far then you’re doing fantastic. Start of slow and get a feel for your opponents. Learn how they play and make no mistake, you are playing good players. They are at the final table for a reason. Watch for your openings and don’t be afraid to steal the pot when the opportunity presents itself.

Once you get down to the last two or three players, feel free to open up a little bit and start taking some risks. You will probably be able to steal some pots, and might just catch some lucky breaks on the board to lead you to victory.