Finding the Online Poker Site that’s Right for You

What makes the perfect online poker site?  There are many factors that determine the success of a site, but a site’s success alone is not a good indicator of whether a site will be right for a specific user.  With the number of online poker sites available, there should be a site for everyone out there– it’s just a matter of finding one that matches your needs.  Several websites, such as, offer comprehensive lists of sites and what they offer.

Some online poker sites offer a large number of different styles of game, from Texas Hold ‘Em and the standard versions of draw and stud to less-common variants like Omaha High-Low and Follow the Queen.  For players who prefer less conventional forms of poker, or those who like a lot of variety, these sites can be ideal.

Other online poker sites cater to specific regions, such the United States.  Online poker playing in the US has been the subject of a great deal of legislation, and therefore a large number of US players don’t know where the law stands on internet gambling.  Although the US boasts the largest number of online players and the largest number of successful professional poker players, many people in the US are not aware that playing through online poker sites is completely legal on a federal level.  Because so many of the laws in the US are determined on the state level, a player may unwittingly violate state law by playing on a site that goes against the laws of the state in which they reside.  Therefore, it is best for US poker players to know the laws of their individual state, although if any violations are made, the online poker site is held responsible, not the player.

The challenge for most Americans who want to find US poker sites is finding sites that will accept deposits, because the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) put some serious restrictions on American banks, barring them from processing transactions to and from online poker sites.  This means that although you have a valid credit card and bank account and the deposit on the site seems to be approved, the bank is sometimes required by law to reject the transaction.  Many US poker sites have found ways around this, such as third-party deposits (such as PayPal and Western Union) or eChecks.  Many websites break down lists of online poker sites and inform readers which ones are accessible to Americans; others, like, offer separate lists for US poker players.

Regardless of the challenges that Americans now face when trying to find a place on the internet to indulge their new favorite hobby, there are still many poker sites to choose from.  Each player will want something different from their online poker site, such as excellent customer support, teams and groups geared at helping the novice player, or a high volume of players.  No matter what you’re looking for, there is a poker site somewhere out there for you.