Webcam Poker – See Your Opponent in Real Time

Webcam PokerSince the beginning of online poker, the way that people play the game has shifted somewhat. A great deal of poker strategy speaks of playing to your position, not to your cards (or your opponents). When you can’t see your opponents, you have to rely on your ability to judge their tactics by examining the way that they play the game. Truthfully, there’s some comfort in the distance of an online game, because you can rest assured that no one can see the mustard stain on your shirt, hear the dog barking in the background, or see your partner staring over your shoulder while you play. Online games have privacy in no small amount, and you can focus on your actions and those of your opponents, and you don’t have to worry about your body language or any tells that you might have in person. One new online poker site is attempting to change all that– now you can play an online poker game and see everyone you’re playing with via Pokerview.

To be honest, this isn’t a new innovation. 888 Poker has tables that use webcams, mixed in among their other tables for those who want them. The initial response to Pokerview, however, was a resounding, “Why would I want to do that?” The short answer is that you probably wouldn’t, unless you have a group of friends on Pokerview and you want to play a game that way (and you can’t just get together at someone’s house and share snacks and drinks while you play). The general public seems to think that this idea is kind of creepy, and given the social isolationism that the internet encourages, it’s no wonder. The long answer, however, is that you might want to give it a try, because Pokerview is offering a lot of incentives to attract players.

First of all, if you join Pokerview and get someone else to join with you, you get $100. You get $100 for every person you get to join the site, which makes the idea of playing a game online with all your friends seem a little more feasible. The site also offers the standard matching bonus of 100% on the first $600 of your initial deposit, but with a Pokerview bonus code, you’re very likely to get a better deal. There is even a Pokerview bonus code that will get you a no-deposit sign-up bonus, which is an incredible offer that speaks to just how eager Pokerview is to have more players. If those incentives weren’t enough, Pokerview also offers a prize schedule for players as they reach varying amounts of practice chips and play a certain number of hands, and players can win an iPod or iPad this way.

Only time will tell if the Pokerview incentives will be enough to keep the site afloat (but the Pokerview bonus code for a no-deposit sign-up bonus is a pretty hefty incentive), but one thing is for certain– poker players have never been known to back away from a challenge.