Poker Bets Online

Poker Betting - Check or FoldPoker betting online is slightly different from real life situation in that you are not actually placing poker chips on the table. However, when you play poker online the choices remain the same. In all situations you will be given a combination of four options… you may fold, check, call, or raise.

If a poker bet has already been made the option to check will not be available. You must either fold, call, or raise the bet. These will appear as icons somewhere on the poker table screen. The raise button is usually set to a predefined amount for the minimum raise.

The poker bet slide bar

The process for raising the amount of the bet varies from poker room to poker room, but is usually some version of slide bar in which you slide a marker from left to right, or vertically from bottom to top to raise the amount of the poker bet you wish to make. These “bet slide bar” will usually have one button on either end marker, “max” and “min” which you can use to quickly choose the maximum, (or minimum) allowed bet with a single click. There is often an option somewhere in the file menu of the poker room software to change to style of the bet slide bar to whatever you are most comfortable with.

Manually inputting poker bets

In addition to the bet slider there is usually some place where you can manually input the amount you wish to bet by typing in the numeric value of the poker bet you wish to place. This will appear as a blank box, most likely directly above the poker bet slider.

Check or fold?

In a few poker rooms- Poker Stars for instance- you may even be given the option to fold when a check is available. However, it is not recommended that you fold when a check is available regardless of how bad your hand stinks. The fact is, a check is a free look at the next card, and anybody who denies that free look is just pain foolish. The strength of your hand could change dramatically from one new card. So whenever you are in a situation in which you don’t want to bet or call, if given the option to check or fold, always check.