Poker Stars Online Poker Room

Poker Stars

Poker Stars may not be just as great as live dealer poker, but is just a great online poker room offering a wide range of poker games.

With games ranging from $0.01/$0.02 micro stakes up to $200/$400 high stakes, as well as the sheer volume of poker game varieties available, finding a table is never challenge.

The diversity of games alone makes Poker Stars stand out from the rest of the online poker rooms out there. The available games at Poker Stars are outlined in the table below.

Games Available on Poker Stars

No Limit Pot Limit Cap Limit Fixed Limit High Hi-Lo
Texas Holdem Y Y Y Y
Omaha Y Y Y Y Y
7-card Stud Y Y Y
Razz Y
5-card Draw Y Y Y
2-7 Draw Y Y Y
Badugi Y

2-7 Draw comes in single draw and triple draw. In addition to the games displayed in the table above, Poker Stars also offers a number of mixed games.

Mixed Games

  • Triple Stud – All three stud games, Stud hi, hi-lo, and razz
  • HORSE – Hold-em, Omaha hi-lo, Razz, Stud, Stud hi-lo, (fixed limit)
  • HOSE – Hold-em, Omaha hi-lo, Stud, Stud hi-lo (fixed limit)
  • HO – Hold-em and Omaha hi-lo (fixed limit)
  • 8-game – 2-7 triple draw, no limit Hold-em, pot limit Omaha, limit Hold-em, limit Omaha hi-lo, Razz, Stud, Stud hi-lo

Tournament Play

For the poker players that love the intense, stamina testing tournament style of play, Poker Stars also offers a wide variety of poker tournaments to play. Tournaments vary in size and game types and can be found at any time during the day. They hold many special events in which various prizes or seats in large tournaments are awarded, as well as free-roll tournaments and fake money tables for the poker fanatics who don’t want to risk their money on the tables.

Overall, Poker Stars is a great poker room in which avid poker fans can find any game they want. The multiple choices of different poker games is hard to match on any other online poker rooms. Professional poker players often frequent the tables, and many of them have given some great advice on various poker strategies, available to anybody via Poker Stars website.